Program qualifications are presented below:

No Program Qualifications
1 Acquire detailed knowledge concerning the economic and legal environment in which the business entities operate.
2 Have profound theoretical background knowledge in basic business functions comprising organization and management, accounting, finance, marketing, and production and operations management.
3 Obtain basic and intermediate level knowledge in quantitative techniques and methods that are predominantly used in business and management.
4 Have more specific knowledge in one of the business functions (including the mastery of quantitative approaches) that he/she has chosen to specialize.
5 Be able to apply the professional knowledge necessary to establish and/or run a business, or a department within a business entity.
6 Be able to collect, edit, analyze, and interpret the representative data by applying both qualitative and quantitative methods in order to identify and clearly define the business problems and to develop insight and solutions.
7 Be able to adequately communicate upon analyses, findings, inferences, and recommendations with his/her superiors, team members, colleagues, and subordinates both in written and oral form.
8 Be thereby qualified to conduct research in business administration and management..
9 Be appropriately trained to fulfill his/her responsibilities in teamwork both as a leader and an expert.
10 Acquire the necessary skills to communicate effectively with the stakeholders of an organization so that he/she can become capable of analyzing the needs of the stakeholders and based on these analyses developing the objectives of the organization.
11 Gain self-evaluation skills to identify exactly his/her self-learning and self-improvement needs, being at the same time equipped with the capacity to follow advanced courses and degree studies.
12 Gain the ability to evaluate the organization that he/she is affiliated with and the ability to assess the knowledge that he/she has acquired in a critical perspective.
13 Be able to use English, which is the medium of instruction in the department, at least in European Language Portfolio B1 General Level.
14 Be able to use information technologies applicable to business administration and management at European Computer Usage License Basic Level.
15 Be directed towards the behavioral patterns and responsibilities of a business administrator in terms of quality awareness, occupational safety and health, in-service training, environmental issues, social responsibilities, and social, organizational and business ethics.
16 Be inclined to encourage innovation and continuous improvement within the organization in which he/she takes responsibilities.