Çankaya-Üniversitesi-56-Copy-400x534Welcome to Management Department of Cankaya University

Çankaya University Department of Management offers undergraduate program that leads to Bachelor's Degree and two graduate programs (Business Administration and Human Resources Management) that lead to Master's Degree. The Department of Management is dedicated to excellence in education and research. The department is continuously upgrading the course contents and teaching methodology to achieve this goal. Students enrolling the programs are receiving up-to-date knowledge in business theory and practice. Students also have the opportunity of getting familiar with the other disciplines through the elective courses.

This page gives information about the undergraduate program. Please visit graduate pages for the information about the graduate programs.

The normal duration of the undergraduate program offered by Çankaya University Department of Management is 4 years (excluding English Preparatory Class) and 8 semesters (excluding English Preparatory Class). Undergraduate program is conducted in accordance with Çankaya University Regulation on Undergraduate Degree Programs. You can reach the regulation by clicking the link below.


The Purpose of the Undergraduate Program is to:

Equip its graduates with the knowledge and skills so that they can establish a business and/or professionally manage the whole business or a department/function within a business both national and international level, and to motivate its graduates to adopt life long learning behavior.

The Objectives of the Undergraduate Program are to:

  • Furnish its graduates with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills necessary to establish a business,
  • Familiarize the graduates with the economic and legal environment in which the businesses operate,
  • Make its graduates gain sufficient knowledge and skills in basic business functions,
  • Make its graduates gain more specific knowledge in one of the business functions that they choose,
  • Equip its graduates with the skills to conduct team work,
  • Enable its graduates to use English, which is the medium of instruction, in international environment,
  • Enable its graduates to use information technologies in business applications.

Undergraduate curriculum of the Department of Management is built on three pillars in order to achieve these objectives. First pillar is University must courses. Students in all programs must take these courses, which are Principles of Atatürk and the History of Turkish Revolution, Turkish, Ethics and Social Responsibility, and academic English courses.

The second pillar of the program is departmental must courses (core business curriculum). The purpose of departmental must courses is to familiarize the students with the basics of business administration. Departmental must courses consist of Introduction to Business, Introduction to Management, Mathematics for Business and Economics, Economics, Law etc. that give background knowledge for other business courses. Must courses also include courses that familiarize the students with the basic business functions such as organization and management, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and quantitative methods. The core program (departmental must courses) is designed as a balanced program that covers all functions equally and enough attention is paid not to favor any function and put more emphasis on it. The program puts equal emphasis on each business function.

The third pillar of the program is elective courses. Most of the must courses (University and departmental) are taken during the first two years. The third and the fourth years are allocated to elective courses. Students enrolling the program must take 15 elective courses in order to graduate and receive a Bachelor's Degree. The number of elective courses is high so as to give the students the opportunity of designing their own program of study in accordance with their interests. Elective courses are grouped into three categories. The first group consists of two elective courses that can be taken from the Office of Basic and Elective Courses. Office of Basic and Elective Courses offers courses related to sports, arts, foreign languages, and other areas. The second group of elective courses consists of departmental electives. Students gain detailed knowledge in the business functions that they choose by taking departmental electives. The third group consists of non-departmental electives. Students have the opportunity of taking elective courses from other departments that they are interested in and improving their intellectual capacity by taking these courses.